Adorned in Xita : Spotlight on Gabriela Barnat

Meet Gabriela Barnat, a Polish-born journalist and creative with a passion for global fashion. Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Gabriela merges her love for fashion with dedication to fitness, spearheading an activewear brand with her sister Angela Barnat. Embracing challenges and constant evolution, Gabriela's personal style mirrors her ethos—a unique blend of athleticism and femininity sourced from local designers. A dancer at heart, Gabriela's interests span cultural boundaries, surprising many with her fascination for cheetahs. Join us as we uncover Gabirela's world—a place where fashion, fitness, and cultural exchange intertwine, inspiring and empowering all who follow her journey.

Tell us a bit about yourself — who you are, what you do, and what keeps you inspired.
I am a Polish-born journalist and creative, passionate about fashion from around the globe. I am particularly drawn to designers who embrace their heritage, blending traditional elements with modernity. Over the years, I have traveled the world, gathering stories about local designs and observing street style outfits.

I’m also working on my own activewear brand in collaboration with my sister, Angela Barnat, a talented tattoo artist specializing in very precise, geometric designs. This project combines my two passions: fashion and sports. On a daily basis, I practice weightlifting, which helps me stay disciplined and goal-oriented.


Share your perspective on being bold and embracing growth. What do these concepts mean to you personally?
Embracing boldness and growth means taking decisive, challenging steps toward my goals. This journey invites new experiences, breaks free from old thought patterns, and requires work on areas where I need development. Although this path often begins with difficulty and discomfort, true advancement comes from self-reflection and facing our weaknesses and limitations head-on.


How would you define your personal style? Are there specific elements or influences that stand out in your fashion choices?
My personal style is a blend of athletic and strong looks with a feminine touch. I'm drawn to bold cuts that highlight the proportions of the body and favor garments with sharp, geometric patterns. I am committed to a consciously curated wardrobe, prioritizing purchases from local designers.




 Are there any current obsessions or passions in your life that you'd like to share with our readers? It could be anything from a favorite book to a recent travel destination.

Recently, I started online dance classes with Zarina Toleuova, a skilled dancer in popping, tribal fusion, animation, and robotics. While Zarina is in Kazakhstan, I currently reside in the Netherlands. These classes are a great addition to my fitness routine and a unique avenue for cultural exchange, connecting us across different countries.

Can you reveal one thing about yourself that you think might surprise people? It could be a hidden talent, an unusual hobby, or a unique life experience.
As a person active in sport, I find myself fascinated by cheetahs, the epitome of speed in the animal kingdom. Their remarkable grace, exceptional physical capabilities, and distinctive spotted coats are a testament to Mother Nature's ingenious design.

As a valued supporter of our brand, we'd love to hear about your Xita piece. Can you share the most memorable place or occasion where you've worn it?
The most memorable time I wore Xita's Chia earrings was at a wedding in Poland, paired with a geometric-patterned dress I'd brought from the US on a world trip. I cherish clothing and accessories with stories, those that bring to mind the people who made them and places I've visited.


Gabirela is wearing the orange Chia earrings.


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