The journey began as a hobby in 2015 and blossomed into a full-time
company in Botswana by 2018.  At Xita, the  accessories are viewed as more than  adornments; they are handcrafted wearable art that celebrates boldness and the journey of self-discovery.  

Over time, Xita has evolved significantly. Transitioning from recycled t-shirt
fabric to faux leather and then to utilizing genuine leather remnants,
a by-product of the meat industry. Recently, brass has been incorporated
into the jewelry designs, furthering dedication to sustainability and
ethical practices..

Each piece is meticulously crafted by One Rapelana, our founder and
creative director. Additionally, we're proud to support women artisans by
outsourcing the production of our cotton packaging bags to them.

Since its inception, Xita has garnered recognition, winning awards at
regional celebrations and national expos. Showcasing collections at
prestigious events such as AFI Joburg Fashion Week 2018 and Lima Design
2020 and 2021. Pieces has been featured in Glamour SA magazine in 2021
and showcased at the Brooklyn Museum's pop-up store for the Africa
Fashion exhibition in New York in 2023.




One Rapelana


Born and raised in Botswana, One Rapelana is a self-taught designer and artist holding a Business Science degree in Marketing and Management from Monash South Africa. In 2014, after concluding an internship at a corporate firm, she rediscovered her artistic flair by experimenting with old clothing items and repurposing fabrics, including old CDs. This creative process led to the creation of a striking neckpiece, which she proudly wore at events and performances. However, driven by a desire for more, One embarked on a journey to establish an aesthetic and brand that would empower women and reflect her own sense of pride.

Returning to her bedroom, where her creative journey began, One delved into experimentation to find her true voice as a designer. Inspired by different shapes and objects, she sought to imbue her creations with boldness and power. The brand remained nameless until One's enrollment in French classes, where she learned about the calendar of saints and discovered that her birthday coincided with St. Zita's day. Inspired by this coincidence, she transformed "Zita" into "Xita," giving birth to her brand in 2015.

Initially started as a hobby, Xita officially became a company in 2018, with One dedicating herself to the brand full-time.