Leather Jewellery

Please handle the  earrings and necklaces with great care to ensure longevity. Use damp cloth to wipe dirt away. It comes with cloth bag for storage and safekeeping.

Brass Jewellery

Brass boasts a golden sheen. Over time, a natural patina will develop, giving it an elegant matte finish.

To maintain the cleanliness of your jewelry, it's essential to conduct regular cleanings to eliminate any tarnish that may accumulate over time.

Gentle Cleaning with Soft Cloth: Wipe in extended vertical motions, employing distinct parts of the cloth to prevent the spread of tarnish.

Cleaning with Brass Cleaner: Apply a small amount of generic brass cleaner  such as Brasso for thorough cleaning. Rub the brass jewelry firmly with our cloth to bring back its original shine. Clean with long up-and-down strokes, using different sections of the cloth to avoid tarnish spreading.

Putting Jewelry On Last: Prevent accelerated tarnishing by avoiding contact with lotions, makeup, hairspray, and perfumes. Make wearing your jewelry the final step in your beauty routine.

Shielding from Sunlight: Store your brass jewelry away from direct sunlight to protect it from tarnishing due to exposure.

Sterling silver pins: Because sterling silver pins are soft and pliable, it's important to avoid bending them to prevent potential breakage. Handle with care to ensure their longevity.


In order to prolong the life of your Xita bag, keep it dry and clean. Store your bag in the dust cotton bag provided when not in use. If the bag gets wet avoid using a hair dryer or a direct source of heat and instead allow the bag to air dry. Make sure it doesn't get in contact with alcohol, mineral spirits, oil or wax.

Suede section - We also recommend occasionally treating the leather with a suede brush, which can help smooth any marks or indentations on the surface. Avoid exposing it to water and other liquids.


Use damp cloth to wipe dirt away.